Raising the Vibration of Love Conference November 2016

Things come in to and out of our lives all the time.

Things like people; strangers or friends. Things like moments, events or experiences. You never know what new things are coming your way, although you do make conscious choices to act and allow these things to come into your life. Sometimes these things can be pivotal moments in your life, however small or large, and can be inspirational or life changing. On Sunday 27th November, such a thing happened in my life.

I attended Conscious Café’s conference on ‘Raising the Vibration of Love’. I didn’t have any preconceptions or expectations of the day, other than I wanted to explore more about what love is and have an enjoyable, stress free day to myself. I left my worries behind and went to the conference with an open mind. I was looking forward to being in a conference room with people interested in the topic of love.

To say I was blown away was an understatement. I was blown away by the first speaker and it didn’t stop for the rest of the day! I listened to inspirational speakers and ‘love’ workers throughout the day, all spreading the underlying message of love through their daily work.

The highlight for me, however, was a panel discussion on raising the vibration of love in the world of work. The panel consisted of 4 members, all business people, all experienced in the world of business, some having worked with FTSE 100 companies. I too once worked for a FTSE 100 company in the field of Human Resources. I now run my own business as an HR Consultant. However, some 5 years ago, I discovered I had spiritual healing capabilities and have been pursuing this path as well, learning about myself along the way and much more about ‘love’. I always felt the two paths were polar opposite and envisaged myself at some point leaving my HR work to move into a more positive environment of healing. It was such a shock for me to hear 4 people discussing how they had combined the vibration of love with the world of business. It took my breath away!

You never know who you might meet, but hearing the stories of those amazing panel members has really given me hope that we can raise the vibration of love in so many more ways than you think. I was humbled and inspired by their contribution in making our world a more loving place.

My healing work specialises in altering energies from negative and draining, to positive and beneficial within homes.  So could this be the start of creating positive, beneficial energy in business premises?! We will see!