Protecting Yourself

Protecting Yourself

This is often a question I get asked:

‘If I am surrounded by all this negative energy, how do I protect myself?’

It is a question that has come up many times in my spiritual learning and one I have realised is different for different people.

Before I had my premonition and sudden introduction to spirituality, I was extremely closed. I never sensed anything spiritual, felt anything, or was aware of anything other than ‘real’ existence. The only memory I have that could be vaguely linked to having some spiritual awareness was with my Grandma. If I rang or turned up at her house, she would often say she knew it was me and it was the same for me if she rang me. We were very close and so I never thought anything of it.

Another experience I had about 6 months before my big premonition was being out on my bike with my dogs. I cycle off road with them and have several routes that I can take. On this one particular day I had intended to take a route that took me off the track onto a section of road before completing a circle home. As I thought about the route in my head my stomach literally did a flip. I felt nauseous, nervous, frightened and very uneasy. I hadn’t experienced this feeling before but I felt pretty sure that taking that route was not a good idea. I ended up taking a different route and had an enjoyable cycle ride with the dogs and got home with no issues. With hindsight, I think this was the universe giving me an opportunity to understand that are other forces out there and to question where these feelings had come from, but no. I listened, but I did not think to find out where that message had come from. I must admit at the time, there was a part of me that was really intrigued about knowing what may have happened. A part of me wanted to take that route and just see. However, I am glad I didn’t because I know now it would not have been good. Unfortunately for me though, I needed a much bigger push to wake me up in the form of a premonition.

What I have learnt, is although Emma wasn’t awake, my soul most certainly was, and my soul has seen it, done it, and got the t-shirt. A good aspect of such an experienced soul is I have some automatic protection. I have seen this with other people where past lives or spirit guides are there giving protection in this life.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have to protect myself, but it does mean I am not susceptible to all energy attacking me wherever I go. It is a great gift for me, because I can lead a normal life without worrying about psychic attack. It also means I can sleep anywhere even if there is geopathic stress or psychic activity, whereas I know that other people can’t do this. Many spiritual people have to go through learning to protect themselves to be able to travel, and not pick up psychic activity. Some energies like to jump bodies.

My main experience of not protecting myself and feeling an energy was one day when I was out walking on my own. I was on my back from town to home along the canal path and I noticed a young man walking towards me with his hood up, looking down and walking purposefully. It is someone I would be wary of in the way he looked. He didn’t look happy or appreciate of life shall we say. As we passed, which was about 2 foot apart, I suddenly felt a blow to my stomach. It caused me to double over on the spot and crouch to the ground. The man however was nowhere near me and had kept on walking unaware of my reaction. I later learnt that that where a spirit can take on a human is known as a Jin. I had been attacked by something attached to that man. From that day on, I learnt how to protect myself so I would not have to experience it again. I also later removed the energy from the man, as it was of a dark nature, (otherwise I wouldn’t have felt it) and would not have been healthy for that man to carry.

Basically, protecting yourself is very easy. Protection lasts for about 12 hours and you can protect yourself and others as well. I start my day by putting protection around my family and my dogs.

You simply ask or imagine some form of protective bubble around yourself or another person. It can be a bubble of white light. It can be layers of light in different colours. It can take the form of an egg. Or it could be a cloak of any material you feel appropriate. You can ask in your head or ask out load. You don’t have to ask anything or anyone in particular, you just ask.

If you are on a spiritual journey, then it is advisable to protect yourself. Where there is beautiful light, there is also dark and so putting simple protection around you can help you on your journey in a positive and stress-free way.

Love & Light as always.

Emma Loveheart.