Working with Darker Influences

Working with Dark Influences


As I continue to clear and heal more homes, so does my spiritual learning continue. Sometimes this learning will go in phases and several clients will need the same work at the same time.  This has happened recently with about 6 clients needing the same healing.

In this instance, healing has taken the form of clients having one member of the household carrying some darker energy from the past. When I say past, I mean in a past life and they will be under the influence of the dark but usually for less than 10%, so not always noticeable.

What this dark energy does allow however, is for openings or portals to be created over the home, which can let in disruptive energies.

Clients notice odd incidents of objects moving, electrics going wrong or acting strangely, or feeling spooked and uneasy. Also, the individual under the influence of the dark can be angry, or can feel strange and not sleep well.

Whilst I can close openings and clear portals as part of my home clearing, I can’t stop new ones being opened.

However, once I know there is a problem I can dowse to see who in the household is causing the openings. I can close openings again and clear any unwanted energies. I can then remove any parts of that person previously under the influence of the dark side, transferring all parts to be under the influence of Light and God.

Sometimes I need to also conduct a past life regression. If I have universal permission, I can cut cords between the past life of a person and their current life, so there is no longer an influence on them in this life. Sometimes, however, it is not possible for me to do this and the individual needs to go through the past life regression themselves. This will be where they need to understand the learning consciously and continue on a healing path.

Quite often my home clearing work creates the environment and platform for individual spiritual healing to take place. If you are on a spiritual path yourself, you will know that this can be very demanding emotionally at times, but the reward after the learning is worth it.

Please don’t ever be afraid of the darker influences or the learning. It is only there to teach us and for us to learn from it. Dark and light work in tandem and we will always have dark moments. We just have to ensure we return to the light, and we all have the power to do that.

Love & Light,

Emma Loveheart.