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What Karma has taught us

Featured in the July 21 issue of “Spirit & Destiny”, Emma Loveheart shares her story of karmic forces at work. Buy back copy

Do you have a Spirit Squatter?

Featured in the September edition of “Soul & Spirit”, Emma Loveheart works with the editor Rosalind Moody, who opens up her home  and finds some unexpected guests. View the full feature    

How Psychic power became BIG business

In the January” You” magazine  featuring “How Psychic power became BIG business, Emma Loveheart joins other paranormal professionals who have given the psychic industry a modern makeover.  Emma shares her insights in helping people who feel incredibly low at home, or they’ve suffered poor health or bad luck since moving into a property. Read the […]

Can energy reverse back to negative?

The simple answer is yes, but only when a specific action happens. I have had 2 cases where clients have contacted me several months after their homes were cleared of negative energy through my home healing, to say they had experienced an influx of negative energy. They could feel the change. It was a feeling […]