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Children not Sleeping in New Home

When Sarah got in touch with me, she was quite distressed and desperate for some help. Ever since she moved into a new rental property, strange things had occurred. Sarah was sensitive to energies, happily working with spirit guides, but from when she moved into this new home, she was finding it harder to connect […]

Children with Sleep Issues

One of the most common reasons clients find me, is because they are worried about their children and particularly about their children not sleeping. This could be not sleeping all night, not being able to sleep in their own rooms or waking up at certain times. This has a huge impact on the family because […]

Raising Vibrational Energy in Your Home & Clearing Blocks

With more of us working from home, as well as recent lockdowns, having a space that supports you and makes you feel positive is an integral part of your daily life. In this article, I will share with you some basic tips to understand how energy works in the home and how you can raise […]

My Child won’t Sleep in their Bedroom

This is not an uncommon complaint I hear from clients that come to me for help with the energy in their homes and was the exact reason why Emma approached me for an assessment. Emma had a young daughter who would not sleep in her own bedroom through the night. It meant every night was […]

Trying to sell a Flat

The flat itself had freezing rooms, with dramatic temperature differences in some rooms, even after new flooring and new heating was installed. The owners could see specific energy slumps in certain rooms, whilst other rooms generated anger.  Their child had regularly seen a shadow of someone, and they often felt anxious and unsafe. They lived […]

Lockdown-induced Stress

What is your Default in times of Stress? My review of stress induced by Lockdown. Stress affects us in different ways, from work stresses to juggling family life, together with managing a home and possibly a garden, having social activities, fitness activities, hobbies, the list goes on.  There was constantly so much going on, running […]

Keeping Energies Positive during Self-Isolation

With the current outbreak of the Corona virus and people needing to self isolate or preparing for possible self isolation, what does this mean to you? Does staying in your home fill you with excitement or absolute dread? My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer. I work with clearing negative energies […]

Do you have a soul contract with your home?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes and clear out their negative energies. Many people approach me when they move into a new home having recognised that issues and problems only began after moving in. There are cases where people feel spirit activity ranging from a ‘cold’ feeling in certain areas of the […]

Daily Mail – Yes, you can live happily in a HAUNTED HOUSE

Yes, you can live happily in a HAUNTED HOUSE: Four readers share their spooky tales, and professional home healer Emma Loveheart gives her surprising verdict Claudia Connell had 12 months of strange happenings at her Brighton home She says house healer Emma Loveheart helped her to achieve a peaceful vibe Four readers revealed the spooky […]

Daily Mail – Spooky Drawings on the Wall

Spooky drawings on the wall, vanishing earrings, and a mysterious knocking at the front door: How CLAUDIA CONNELL turned to a ‘home healer’ to sort out her haunted house When Claudia Connell moved house she was terrified by unexplained eventsShe lived in the house for two months when possessions started to go missingHome healer Emma […]